Products for the fishing industry

EMCOCABLES produces wires for trawling and fencing with more tan 30 years experience in the U.S. Mexico, Central, and South America.

Super B shrimp

Super B Fish

The galvanized steel cables for fishing, SUPER B SHRIMP, and SUPER B FISH, are manufactured by EMCOCABLES, and designed according to the severe conditions realized by fishing boats.

Our high quality is known in the industry to outperform the standard ropes in both resistance and longevity.

The production of our wire ropes for fishing is carefully constructed during the threading, galvanizing, stranding, and closing, processes adhering to the strictest international standards for fishing ropes. Every production stage includes a heightened inspection and internal testing to ensure superior performance in the demanding environment it is used in.

All of our wire ropes for fishing are extra strong, resistant to tension, and heavily galvanized.

This grouping of factors makes our wire ropes resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and flattening, as well as exhibiting a great flexibility, an important characteristic for this type of wire ropes.

The individual diameter of the wires, the geometric design of the strands has been technically and carefully calculated in order to give our SUPER B fishing wire ropes superior physical properties.

The polypropylene core is specifically designed for our fishing cables. It is dense, uniform, and resistant to seawater. It has all of the best characteristics of a natural fiber core, but none of its disadvantages.