Products for elevators sector

Steel wire ropes for elevators

Emcocables offers wires of 6 and 8 strands, with diameters in inches as well as millimeters.

Traction Drive Ropes

This is a flexible element made up of one or more steel strands and a central element made of strong natural fiber, or a synthetic core. It is the cores responsibility to sustain and transmit the movement of the barrel machine and counterweight.

The Governor Ropes

This is the element designated to balance the weight of traction or suspension cables during the stringing process, in a form in which the load on the axis of the traction machine is constant in order have an established load from the cabin.


The core is the central element in the cable around which the strands are wrapped. It is recommended that the core for elevator cables be of natural fiber, durable, and can be of Agave, or Hemp, auto lubricated.

These are manufactured according the requirements set forth in the ISO 4345 Standard.