Products for electrical and telecommunication uses

Electrical and telecommunication

For electrical and telecommunication uses

EMCOCABLES manufactures a wide range of wires and strands for aluminum conductors and Messenger cable reinforcements or supports for telecommunication. We also cover the needs of strands for retention wires and guard cable for transmission lines.

Steel wires and strands coated with type AS aluminum

for type ACSR/AS/AW electrical conductor cores steel wires

The high mechanical resistance, good conductivity, excellent resistance to corrosion, and compatibility with solid aluminum cables, make AS/AW wires and strands very attractive as a core for ACSR (ACSR/AS/AW) type conductors.

When the aluminum clad wires are used as reinforcing elements, they combine a high mechanical resistance characteristics with their electrical conductivity improving the performance of the conductors.

The wires are manufactured in accordance with the AST B 502 standard, and the strands are manufactured in accordance with the ASTM B Standard.

Steel wires and strands for ACSR type electrical conductor cores

With the rapid development of power plants, the ACSR (Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced) presents itself as the standardized conductor for energy transmission. The galvanized wire and the galvanized cable for ACSR must exhibit consistency, both mechanically and physically due to the fact that it constitutes the primary support for aluminum conductors that span large distances.