Products for agro-industrial uses

EMCOCABLES offers galvanized high-carbon steel wire with Zinc or aluminum coatings. We are also present in the flower industry through our production of stands for greenhouse structures.

Galvanized Steel Wire For EMCOAGRO Type Electrical Fence, and Greenhouse Strands

EMCOCAGRO offers you greater resistance because it covers more meters per kilogram of wire. It is also easier to transport.

EMCOAGRO type wire is manufactured using SAE 1040 to SAE 1070 steel. This steel gives greater tensile strength as compared to barbed wires usually manufactured with a low carbon content. This greater mechanical strength translates to a lower kg/m, making this fence, lower in costs per meter installed. Additionally, the EMCOAGRO presents other comparative advantages to barbed wire, such as ease of installation, transport, less weight, and a greater zinc coating that gives a high resistance to corrosion.