About us

EMCOCABLES was founded in March of 1960 by a group of Colombian industrialists and The Paulsen Wire Rope Corporation, a North American steel wire rope manufacturer. This company contributed their technology as well as technical expertise to EMCOCABLES

The decade of the 70’s marked the initiation of product diversification. This diversification included such product as: tire bead wire, wires and strands for the pre-stressing of concrete, galvanized wire for electrical conductors, overhead static (ground) wire, as well as other wires andstrands for different uses.

At the end of 1988, EMCOCABLES began production of aluminum clad Steel wire and strands for electrical uses, with extra high resistance against corrosion.

EMCOCABLES S.A.S actually sells to over 20 countries. These products are always supported and backed up by quality, fulfillment and excellent performance in use.
At a national level, companies such as ISA, Public Companies of Medellin, Antioquia Energy Company, Miners of Antioquia, Porticos Codensa, ECOPETROL, Intercor-El Cerrejón, Drummond are among the most notable of the many companies who put their trust in the excellent performance of EMCOCABLES products.